» About SCF-UPA 

UPA’s accounting and tax services (SCF-UPA) work closely with certified public accountant (CPA) firms that have extensive agriculture expertise. These firms offer a range of services to meet your needs, including accounting, tax, financial advice and specialized management. Nearly 12,000 businesses benefit from these services.

Whether you are starting, growing or transferring a farm business, it’s a good idea to talk to a tax specialist to help you navigate the often complex rules you’ll need to follow. Getting a handle on the various tax-related concerns will enable you to make informed fiscal and financial decisions, including on the following issues:

The legal structure of your farm business and your tax status as a farmer include the following elements: 


  • Income Income types and how they differ
  • Definition of farm income
  • Fiscal year

Business accounting

  • Definition of bookkeeping
  • Minimum bookkeeping requirements
  • Customized accounting methods
  • Recommended management practices for reducing the tax you pay

Applicable tax rules

  • Eligibility for different tax programs
  • Tax obligations
  • Business sale
  • Tax perks for women farmers

Legal impacts of matrimonial regimes on businesses

  • Agreements between shareholders
  • Wills

To arrange a meeting with one of our accountants or tax specialists, simply complete our online form We will get in touch with you to book an appointment.  

For further information, contact:

Diana Toffa, Project Officer
514 431-3756 | dtoffa@upa.qc.ca

» About BHLF Avocats

BHLF Avocats is a large agricultural law firm. Our lawyers are dedicated exclusively to defending the interests of Quebec’s agricultural and forestry producers, the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA), and other farmer’s organizations.

If you’re starting or taking over a business, you’ll definitely be making many decisions and taking actions that have legal consequences. 

Our lawyers are experts in their field. They can help you understand the legal aspects of the business world and support you through your decision-making process. That means you’ll be making informed choices and running your business smoothly.

For all kinds of issues, whether purchasing or selling agricultural assets, protecting farmland, dealing with regulatory issues, securing permits, or complying with corporate, municipal, or regulatory legislation, our lawyers are prepared to give you invaluable guidance and meet the needs specific to your business venture. 

Here are some of the issues we can help you:

  • Avoiding lawsuits in running your farm business?
  • Understanding your rights and obligations when it comes to managing streams and protecting wetlands?
  • Including the right clauses in your contracts?
  • Nailing down which authorizations are required to carry out your projects?
  • Finding out what production- and marketing-related rules you need to follow?
  • Making the right moves if someone takes you to court?

To arrange a one-on-one meeting with a lawyer from BHLF Avocats, simply complete our online form. We will get in touch with you to book an appointment. 

For further information, contact us:

Diana Toffa, Project Officer
514 431-3756 | dtoffa@upa.qc.ca